There is a growing disconnect between those of us who produce food and the consuming public. A survey published online by the American Society of Animal Science Taking Stock, highlights the difference of opinions between the general public and scientists. The survey was conducted by The Pew Research Center in cooperation with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Here is a brief summary:

There were several areas where the opinions of the general public and scientists differed greatly, with the largest gaps related to biological science. A majority of scentists (88%) felt that eating genetically modified foods was safe, compared to 57% of the respondents in the public who felt they were unsafe. There were differences between genders, with 47% of males feeling that GM foods are safe, compared to only 28% of females. Two-thirds (67%) of the adults felt that scientists do not have a clear understanding of health effects on GM foods.


For pesticide use, 28% of the adults said it was safe to eat foods grown with pesticides, compared to 68% of the scientists. 47% of the adults were in favor of using animals for research, compared to 89% of the scientists.


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